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Month: July 2018

Immigration and Immigrants Experience

0 Comments July 25, 2018

Immigration and Immigrant Experience The topic of immigration and immigrants experience is all over in the media, the rate of discrimination is high. In the media sources assessed, there is the attitude of ‘us ‘and ‘them’  (The Harsh Realities of Immigrants movie, 2018).  The immigrants are treated as non- humans. For example, they are said […]

Cell Phone Battery and Miniaturization


Cell Phone Battery and Miniaturization Introduction The ability to use the cell phones in the present was a result of the miniaturization in the community since 1973 when the initial mobile phone was discovered.  The purpose of this research is to make people aware of the possible effects such as health effect that the mobile […]

Reasons for Negative Treatment of the Asian Americans


Reasons for Negative Treatment of the Asian Americans Asian Americans are the Americans from the Asian descent. Since they were descendants of another nation, that is Asia; they were treated as minorities in America. The white Americans felt that all the immigrants were inferior and they were taking the white place and thus the ill […]

Space Age Furniture Company


Space Age Furniture Company Introduction Space Age Furniture Company is a company that deals with the manufacture of tables and cabinets to hold microwave ovens and portable televisions. All these products have different sizes and shapes but they all undergo the same production and assembling procedures. Examples of these products – the Saturn microwave and […]

Criminal law


Criminal law Criminal Responsibility Criminal responsibility is the ability of an individual to comprehend their acts when a crime is taking place. It is what the person is thinking about and the anticipated result of the crime they are committing. Laws usually defend crimes in two terms, which are the mental state of the person […]

Quality of Banking Services in Saudi Arabia


Quality of Banking Services in Saudi Arabia Personal Perspective The quality of banks on Saudi Arabia has improved according to my worldview perspective. Research shows that improvement methods have been established all meant to offer better banking services and improve the experience of banking. Among the improvements is internet banking, this allows people to carry […]

Social Inequality and Division of Labor in the Community


Social Inequality and Division of Labor in the Community Social inequality and division of labor exist due to variations in classes, status groups and parties. In the society, there are the landowners and the employees, who can never be equal due to the way labor is divided between them. The inequality gap is widened by […]

Apollonian and Dionysian in Design


Apollonian and Dionysian in Design Dionysian and Apollonian Designs in Henrik Preutz and Marc Newson Work Henrik Preutz is recognized for the IKEA designs. He said that the success of IKEA is attributed to the context of the work. The inspiration for design is drawn from art. In the workspace where Henrik Preutz operates, art […]

Utilitarian view of Marijuana Legalization in USA states


  Utilitarian view of Marijuana Legalization in USA states Marijuana refers to the dried flowers, leaves, stem or the seeds of Cannabis Sativa. This plants fame comes from the mind altering chemical constituent it contains, known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), among other compounds (Moeller, and Barbara, 84).. It is the most commonly used illicit drug around […]

Business Ethics


Ethics: A Personal Perspective The term ethics, from a personal perspective, is the moral principle that guides how a person behaves while interacting with other people on professional cases such as in business, politics and healthcare. Based on the life experiences the view on ethics has not evolved as it remains to be the guiding […]