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Social Inequality and Division of Labor in the Community

0 Comments July 25, 2018

Social Inequality and Division of Labor in the Community Social inequality and division of labor exist due to variations in classes, status groups and parties. In the society, there are the landowners and the employees, who can never be equal due to the way labor is divided between them. The inequality gap is widened by […]

Echinacea and the Common Cold

0 Comments July 23, 2018

Echinacea and the Common Cold A literature review was carried out to analyze the effectiveness of Echinacea in preventing and treating the common cold. According to Scholand & Liou (2014), seasonal ailments such as the common cold affected majority of the people on the globe. Chaiyakunapruk, Kotirum, Newall, Lambach, & Hutubessy (2018) outlined that the […]

Supply Chain Financial Management


Supply Chain Financial Management Although supply chain professionals and corporate executives have different ideologies on matters pertaining financial results, corporate level indicators, strategy, non-profit indicators and tactical operations, both types of management should be on the same page and they should understand what is good for both of them. Supply chain professionals and corporate executives […]

Macy’s, Inc


Macy’s, Inc Macy’s, Inc. is an internationally recognized premier multichannel retailer that deals with clients through dynamic stores, online sites, and mobile applications. The organization sells merchandise such as home furnishing, apparel, cosmetics, accessories, and other consumer goods. The firm operates under the brand names Bloomsdale’s, Bluemercury, and Macy’s. Macy’s, Inc. provides support functions to […]

Teaching patient


Teaching patient According to Jennings (2010), the basis of an individual’s development is based on the biological factors experiences they had encountered earlier in life. In regards to the biological factors and changes that one experiences in life, I set out to interview an elderly many, Ibrahim. Ibrahim is a retired engineer from the Middle […]

Benefits and Disadvantages of Team work


Benefits and Disadvantages of team work A team is a collection of persons who perform a certain task aiming at attaining a specific goal. Different people hold different opinions about team work. Working in a team helps boost creativity in an organization (Somech, Anit, & Anat Drach-Zahavy 684). When people with a common goal come […]

Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research

0 Comments February 21, 2018

Articles Analysis Amber Huet, D. M. (2011). EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE. UNA Center for Writing Excellence , 4. Retrieved from Background In nursing, the evidence-based practice can be stated as the development and adapting of a continuous cycle of evidence, theory and research in medical practices. Each change in the medical research encourages research, development of […]


0 Comments February 1, 2017

Introduction The World Trade Center Towers, in history, were the very first two tallest buildings in the world. However, the former World Trade Center was a more massive complex comprising of seven different buildings in Lower Manhattan, in the United States. Besides, it featured the landmark twin towers that was opened on April 4, 1973, […]

21st Century American Issues, Policies and terrorism

0 Comments April 23, 2015

21st Century American Issues and Policies The United States now confronts a very broad spectrum of problems in the post-Cold War period. These include issues such as environmental degradation, climate change, humanitarian disasters, piracy, globalization, ethnic civil wars, sustainable economic development, terrorism, and the role of international law in global affairs. Terrorism Terrorism has been […]