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Cell Phone Battery and Miniaturization

July 25, 2018 0 Comments

Cell Phone Battery and Miniaturization


The ability to use the cell phones in the present was a result of the miniaturization in the community since 1973 when the initial mobile phone was discovered.  The purpose of this research is to make people aware of the possible effects such as health effect that the mobile phones might be having (Choy 25). It is also for the manufacturers of phones so that they can decide how they can reduce the health effects associated with the application of mobile phones. The limitation of the paper is that it will not explore the process of phone making (Das, 67). The report will cover the effects associated with the production of cell phones and defects that need to be corrected.

Collected Data

Miniaturization is the process through which minute optical, mechanical and electronic products and devices are manufactured. Making of the cell phone has been done using very small mechanical and electronic materials to make sure that it can be improved and operating much better than the telephone (Uttamchandani, 57). The process through which the cell phone battery is miniaturized and how it has effects on human health will be looked at. It has been associated with cell tumor as there are speculations that it has been associated with a tumor cell (Werner, Douglas and Zhi 29). However, the wireless circulation has improved communication, and other improvements have been made on the mobile phone.


To reduce the health risks, the cell phone battery manufacturers can look for improvement methods through which the cell phone can be designed with minimized adverse effects (Fan, 34). I would recommend that before any battery is released to the market, testing should be done to make sure that no health effects will be associated with it.

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