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Immigration and Immigrants Experience

July 25, 2018 0 Comment

Immigration and Immigrant Experience

The topic of immigration and immigrants experience is all over in the media, the rate of discrimination is high. In the media sources assessed, there is the attitude of ‘us ‘and ‘them’  (The Harsh Realities of Immigrants movie, 2018).  The immigrants are treated as non- humans. For example, they are said to be criminals and intruders who only bring issues to the US. For instance, they are said to cause higher rates of unemployment and increase the levels of poverty as well as alter the freedom of the people. In one of the media sources immigrants are named ‘flocks’ indicating that they are dehumanized (The Harsh Realities of Immigrants movie, 2018). The issue of stereotyping is evident in the media, where the immigrants, especially those from Africa are assumed to be criminals and thus unhelpful to the society. Therefore, they are denied justice, freedom and human rights.

The media has different effects on the public, one being to inform as the information passed acts as the basis of what we know.  With the pop culture, it is evident that perception is a reality, this is to say that what people see and hear influences how they perceive issues in reality.  The question of immigrants is common in the media, and most of the Americans take the pictures shown to be factual, without further questioning due to the trust and freedom of the press. From above, on how the topic is depicted, it is evident that immigrants are no humans in the nation. In a report given by the media on crimes, it was said that 50% of the Latinos committed crimes, 33% was the black immigrants while only 9% was found to represent the whites (The Immigrant movie, 2018). When such data is presented in the media, the Americans easily say that indeed immigrants are criminals. However, most of the punished immigrants are innocent. Therefore, the media has played a significant role in spreading the fake news on immigrants, but the Americans take the report to be true.

Several stereotypes are seen in the media on the topic of immigration and immigrants. One is that they are perceived to be criminals, as described above where the whites are recorded to commit the least crimes.  However, most of the cases presented in courts are clear that the immigrants are innocent, but due to racism in the system, they are punished as described (the better life movie, 2018). Apart from that,   immigrants are stereotyped to be less skilled which makes them denied by working in some areas. On the other hand, those with jobs are paid less compared to the rest because they are said to be uneducated.  The media also portrays the immigrants as a burden to the nation.  Instead of helping them because mostly they move into the country in search of peace, they are taken to be threats to the Americans.  In short, the immigrants are treated with all forms of negatives and this makes most of them suffer more than they would in their nations.

My current understanding of the topic is that immigrants suffer than any other group in the United States.  For example, most are not able to speak English, which makes them have difficulties whenever they are buying goods and trying to make friends. Most are forced to take the ESL classes, though with the other types of pressure they get, it is not possible to learn which make them strain too much on language. Raising their kids is the other issue that they face. As said above, the people are ordinary meaning that they do not get all the necessities they need.  For example, they do not afford to pay fees and other expenses in education. Apart from that, there is the issue of cultural differences, where the kids take time to adapt because the whites are not friendly to them since most believe what they learn from the media.  Besides, they do not have easy access to services, this is because they have the phobia that they can be deported.  For instance, when justice is needed, the immigrant does not seek legal guidance, which has led to most of them being denied what belongs to them.  The aspect of culture is the other challenge. The culture between the blacks and the whites is entirely different.  However, the blacks are not allowed to live as blacks and they have to adopt the lifestyle of the whites which is a challenge and leads to a lack of the sense of belonging.

From the process, I learned that media is the source of all evils in the society.  The reason for this is that the public believes that whatever is delivered is true. On the other hand, the government has not ensured that the info passed is valid. I have also learned that racism rules the United States mostly through this issue of immigration. The immigrants, who are primarily from other races, are taken to be less humans, where they are discriminated and stereotyped, leading to problems.

Questions developed

  1. Could the government control what is passed to the public by the media?
  2. Aren’t there humanitarian organizations in the country?


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