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Reasons for Negative Treatment of the Asian Americans

July 25, 2018 0 Comment

Reasons for Negative Treatment of the Asian Americans

Asian Americans are the Americans from the Asian descent. Since they were descendants of another nation, that is Asia; they were treated as minorities in America. The white Americans felt that all the immigrants were inferior and they were taking the white place and thus the ill treatment. The Asian Americans were denied various rights such as voting, unlike other Americans. The Supreme Court supported racial segregation during that era, and they ruled that the Asians were not white people (Reich 5). However, it was only to apply to the first generation but the second generation was given citizenship through birth but did not stop the ill-treatment as they were still considered to be of an inferior race.

The Asian Americans have been targeted by the violence which is based on ethnicity and race wars. Such of these events are the Watsonville Riots, Rock Springs massacre and others. The more the immigrants that moved to America, the more the racial tensions grew. Violence in large-scale began to be practiced; even the racial group were against each other, for instance, the black students used to chase and attack the Asian students. The Asian Americans had begun to develop themselves in America, and since they were fast growing, they became a target of violence and hated crime (Reich 14).

In conclusion, the Asian Americans did not only face segregation and ill treatment from the Americans alone but also from other racial groups such as the black Americans. They were developing themselves at a faster rate despite having settled in a place where they were treated as minority and inferior. However, improvements were witnessed with arising of every generation.

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